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Tailor, Controller

Ilona is patient, diligent and quiet. She hand cuts all of our pieces and she controls the outcome. This job helps Ilona to provide for her family and to help others in need. Ilona has a heart of gold and often sees women in need.


Lena is a very gifted and professional seamstress. She is dedicated to what she does and loves working with us. Her earnings help her support her family.

Packaging And Shipping

Marina is Happymade Designs own hero. Marina is born without legs and an arm. She has lived in an orphanage her entire childhood, and has become a human trafficking survivor in her adulthood. It´s an honour for us to have Marina working with us!


The dream wouldn´t have been possible without Anya. She is a person involved in every single thing happening at Happymade Designs, holding it all together. From purchasing fabric to organising the artisans she is our all in all.

Seamstress Of Accessories

Lesja gets all the leftover fabrics from our garment production. There she hand cuts and sews our linen scrunchies and boho wire headbands. Due to her family situation Lesja is unable to have a full time job. This how she pays for her 2 son´s college